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Impact of Stress on Women You Need to Know

Many things can trigger stress in women, ranging from weight problems to love problems. However, stress will not solve the problem you face. Stress can actually have a negative impact on your mental and physical health. Stress is a reaction produced by the body when facing a situation or event. When experiencing stress, you will feel heavier breathing and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Many effects can be caused by stress, both positive and negative. The positive impact is that stress can increase your motivation to solve the problem that triggers the stress. This stress can certainly be regarded as something beneficial. However, there is also negative stress. Severe stress or stress that interfere with health can cause psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety disorders, and physical disorders. Therefore, stress that causes these health problems needs to be addressed immediately. Various Effects of Stress on Women The following are some of the effects of
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How to Whiten Underarm Skin Naturally

Having black underarms can reduce self-confidence, especially when wearing sleeveless shirts. But do not worry, there are many ways to whiten the skin of the armpit naturally that you can do yourself at home. Armpit skin color should be the same or not much different from the surrounding skin color. However, there are various things that can cause the color of the underarm skin to turn dark, namely: One shaving armpit hair. Continuous friction between underarm skin and clothing. Stacking of dead skin cells. Exposure to chemicals from deodorants or antiperspirants. In addition, dark underarms can also be caused by certain medical conditions, such as nigricikan tacosis, bacterial infections (erythrasma), melasma, and Addison's disease. Here's How to Whiten Underarm Skin Naturally If the black armpit is caused by a disorder or disease, of course the cause must be treated first. But if it is caused by an error in shaving, skin friction with clothing, or the use of unde

Various Benefits of Vitamin B for Health

Vitamin B plays an important role for the body. This substance can help growth, development and other bodily functions. Given the benefits of B vitamins for the body, then you should always include this substance in your daily diet. Want to know what are the benefits of B vitamins? Here goes the explanation! Types of B Vitamins and their Benefits There are eight types of B vitamins and each has different benefits. When combined, these eight substances are called vitamin B complex. The following is a more detailed explanation of the benefits of B vitamins: Vitamin B1 (thiamine) In addition to keeping your nervous system healthy, this vitamin is needed in converting the food you consume into energy. To get these benefits, you can consume foods rich in vitamin B1 such as eggs, milk, whole grain bread, beef, fresh and dried fruits, and vegetables such as peas. Every day your body needs intake of vitamin B1 as much as 0.8 mg for women, and 1 mg for men. This amount is easily obtai